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Top 6 Advantages of Becoming a Long-Haul Truck Driver

Did you know that the average long-haul truck driver logs more than 100,000 miles every year? Long miles on the open roads of America make the long-haul trucker the modern-day cowboy. 

There are many misconceptions about trucking that can stop people from seriously considering becoming a trucker. Many people get hung up on the daunting hours behind the wheel and a perceived sense of loneliness. However, truck driver jobs are incredibly stable and rewarding careers with a surprising amount of comradery.

To help smash some of the misconceptions about the long-haul experience, we put together this comprehensive guide to the benefits of trucking. Read on to learn all about it! 

1. Broaden Your Perspective 

Despite the fact that trucking can be a solitary endeavor, it has an equal amount of comradery. Many truckers say that they are proud of the friends they have across the country, and the shared experience provides an easy basis for making new connections. 

At every pit stop, there’s a chance to connect with other truckers and share some stories from the road. Because the life of a trucker is very unique, there’s an easy and effortless connection between truckers.

In addition to broadening your social circle, you can experience different parts of the country. The view from your driver’s side window is one of the best office views in the world. There are very few jobs that will have you driving through national parks to see stunning vistas, rivers, and canyons. 

Trucking is another way to take a road trip for free! 

2. Job Security

Despite the fact that truck drivers are an integral part of delivery services, there’s a shortage of drivers across the nation. This means that long-haul truckers are in high demand. The result is very stable jobs with long-term security. 

Although these days many companies are downsizing, the opposite is true for trucking companies. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts steady and consistent growth in the trucking industry. 

Career stability in trucking is reflected in a stable income. Drivers can make anywhere from $78,000 to $110,000 depending on experience. The more miles you rack up, the more raises and bonuses you can expect, so there’s lots of room for growth.

In addition, long-haul trucking is an equal pay industry so all genders can look forward to the same benefits and truck driver salary.

3. Benefits 

Beyond the salary, trucking offers many benefits. Enjoy full health, dental, vision, and life insurance. In addition, short-term disability insurance is standard. You can also start building up your 401K with a company match so you can prepare your nest egg.

There’s also paid time off and holiday, and you’ll be paid weekly. 

4. Schedule Flexibility

Many people have the misconception that becoming a trucker means never putting down roots or that they’ll have to be away from home all the time. While long-haul trips do require a time commitment, trucking companies recognize the need for a work-life balance. You can build a flexible work schedule, allowing you to control when you travel and when you stay home.

Truck drivers have more control over their schedules than many other jobs, and they can pick and choose driving contracts that suit them. You take short-term contracts or long-term contracts on your own time. It’s much more flexible than a regular nine-to-five career! 

5. Jump Start Your Career

While many careers require certain amounts of training or different degrees, anyone can become a trucker. You don’t need a specialized degree, you don’t need to go to trade school, and you don’t need specialized training.

The only requirement is that you complete driving school and pass a medical evaluation. Driving school can be completed in about eight weeks, so you don’t have to put off your first paycheck. Long-haul trucking is one of the most stable and lucrative entry-level jobs available.

6. Enjoy Your Solitary Time

While many long hours can be daunting, you can use your time to your advantage. Driving doesn’t have to be boring, as you can take the opportunity to experience the world around you.

Do you want to read more? Enjoy books on tape and podcasts to both entertain and educate yourself! Some truckers also learn languages while on the road, using tapes to build their conversational skills.

In addition, you can draw, paint, or work on other crafts at rest stops. Some truckers pick up instruments and find new fulfilling hobbies. 

Develop a skill like photography to document your trip, or start a postcard or keychain collection to remember all the places you’ve been. When you’re trucking, the distance you travel is an achievement and a memorable experience. Consider keeping a collection you can fondly look back on it. 

In addition, you’re allowed to bring a passenger and a pet with you in the truck. You can spend time with a friend or a beloved dog, so you don’t have to be alone. 

Consider a Career as a Long-Haul Truck Driver Today

Trucking is easily misunderstood by the outsider. Hopefully, with this article, we’ve broken through the misconceptions and allowed you to see the benefits of this career.

A career as a long-haul truck driver is rewarding, stable, lucrative, and unique. After all, what other job pays you to experience the wonders of America on your own schedule? 

If you’re looking long haul job, reach out to us at Kaiser Transport Inc. We’re family-owned and provide a close-knit atmosphere along with some of the best benefits in the industry. Apply today and start your new life on the road!