CDL trucking

The Benefits of a CDL Trucking Job

Do you dream of seeing almost every state in the nation? Do you wonder what it would be like to experience the freedom of the open road while still earning a living?

If you’re looking for a job that offers reliability, great compensation, and the opportunity to see the country, look into a CDL trucking career. Plus, you receive the satisfaction of knowing your job matters. 

Over-the-road truck drivers perform a valuable service, hauling over 70 percent of total tonnage in the United States in a year. Truck drivers keep our businesses running, bringing the goods to customers in all parts of the nation. 

So when you choose a CDL trucking career, you’re boosting the economy as well as your own bottom line. 

Keep reading to learn all the benefits of taking CDL truck driving jobs. 

Constant, Reliable Work

Numbers tell a story. First, commercial trucks make up a big chunk of the vehicles in the United States. In particular, commercial trucks comprise  13.4% of all registered vehicles in the United States.

Furthermore, nearly 8 million people work in the trucking industry, with nearly half of those individuals driving trucks. The trucking industry grosses approximately almost $800 billion every year. 

These numbers indicate a booming business that will not go away soon. 

Employee Shortage, Job Surplus

Furthermore, you can hope for job security with a CDL trucking career. Whereas several big factories are now outsourcing jobs to foreign nations where they can pay for work for far less money, truck driving cannot be outsourced. Only truck drivers can haul what the country needs. 

When you haul over the road, you’re bringing essential supplies like food, fuel, and medical supplies to people. Even with the 2020 pandemic truck drivers had an essential job. They kept working. 

Truck drivers typically begin their retirement from the trucking industry as young as their mid-40s. As a result, the nation is facing a truck driver shortage. Furthermore, many trucking companies are raising their starting salary to draw in the hungry, young blood. 

You can make as much as your parents did when they worked decades. You only need to work a few years. 

Big Trucks, New Tech

Because trucking companies want to attract drivers, they’re regularly improving their fleets. You often receive the benefit of driving a newer and thus safer truck. Here are a few of the common pieces of tech you can hope for when you sign on with a CDL truck driving company: 

  • Leading-edge telematics device
  • Collision mitigation and prevention technology
  • A driver application and portal
  • 24-hour assistance for when you need it
  • Trailer tracking
  • A truck navigation system

These perks make CDL truck driving jobs even more enjoyable and worth your time. Look for a company that offers you the newest technology and safety features if you’re planning on nationwide trucking. 

See the Country

When you’re sitting in a big rig, you have a prime view of the scenery around you. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to see things that you’d never see when you drive across the country. You will have the chance to stop by and see the Grand Canyon and other beautiful, natural features. 

Best of all, you’ll receive a paycheck just for driving from coast to coast. You will have the freedom of the open road versus the prison of a windowless cubicle. You’ll have more autonomy throughout the day without having a boss looking over your shoulder or bothering you on your lunch break. 

CDL truck driving offers a wonderful life of freedom and beauty. 

Excellent Compensation

CDL truck driver pay compensates truck drivers well. It does more than pay the bills but ensures you’ll earn a good living. Truck driver pay differs from normal pay in that you receive your pay based on your mileage versus your time. 

So the farther you go and the more willing you are to drive, the higher you can expect your paycheck to be. Many truck drivers start with a salary of $70,000 a year. Often companies will offer large bonuses as well as holiday pay. 

Basic Truck Company Requirements

To score a great truck-driving job, you need to complete a few tasks. Many companies also have age requirements as well as commitment requirements. Here are a few of the basic requirements: 

  • Be at least 23 years old
  • Hold a valid class A CDL
  • Have at least 1-year of long-haul experience or at least 6 months of open-deck experience
  • Be willing to stay on the road for three or more weeks
  • Be willing to be dispatched coast to coast
  • Have the ability to tarp your load in all weather conditions
  • Meet all of the Federal Motor Carrier guidelines
  • Pass a DOT pre-employment drug test
  • Past a post-offer screening assessment

Once you meet these requirements, both you and your new employer will feel comfortable knowing you’re ready to take on the open road alone. You may need to attend CDL truck school if you’ve not done so already as well. 

Start a CDL Trucking Career

You can begin your CDL trucking career today. You have nothing but open roads, freedom, and a fat compensation ahead of you. You will get to drive the big rigs, and you’ll see the country in a way you’ve never seen before. 

If you’re looking for a great CDL trucking career, contact us. We are a long-haul, open-deck trucking company that specializes in hauling equipment with double-drop and step-deck trailers. We send our drivers on coast-to-coast runs in the United States and Canada. 

Furthermore, when you drive for us, you drive top-of-the-line equipment such as late-model long-nose 389 Peterbilts and custom Reignouer aluminum trailers. When we order new trucks, you even get to pick your own color. 

Our staff maintains a close family atmosphere that makes you feel like a part of our important team. Check out our job opportunities and apply to drive with us today.